„I became a beer sommelier because it satisfies my passion to offer creatively crafted brews to people who enjoy exploring new tastes.“
Karl Schiffner, beer sommelier world champion 2009

„The ability to convey my passion for beer – and I do enjoy ALL the world’s beer styles – is one of my primary tasks as Beersommelier.“
Sebastian B. Priller-Riegele, Beersommelier world champion 2011

„Living beer culture means sharing the beer experience to surprise and inspire. Beer represents diversity and offers something for everyone and every situation. Beer is not just beer; It is my goal, therefore, to encourage constant exploration and discussion.“
Oliver Wesseloh, Beersommelier world champion 2013

„Beer and beer culture are my passion and my life: beer culture for me is enjoying a tasteful beer understanding how, where and when it is made, it is recognizing the hand of the brewer and taste his motherland at every sip.“
Simonmattia Riva, Beersommelier world champion 2015

„From the beginning, we have supported the World Cup of Beersommeliers . Many of our own employees have successfully completed their sommelier training. One thing’s for sure: who could better describe the wonderfully aromatic contribution of hops and who could make beer more desirable than a Beersommelier?“
Stephan Barth, Managing Director, Barth-Haas Group (Major Sponsor)

„The World Cup of Beersommeliers and drinktec is just a good fit. We attract breweries from all over the world, big conglomerates as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. And our new ‚place2beer’ is the perfect meeting point for all brewers. Thus, drinktec is the ideal platform for this World Cup program and and we are happy to be a major sponsor.“
Petra Westphal, project group leader drinktec, Messe München (Major Sponsor)

World cup

The Worldcup of Beersommeliers takes place bi-annually at varying venues, organised and managed by Doemens Academy, Inc. of Gräfelfing. In 2017 a champion will be crowned from among the ranks of more than 3,000 trained beer sommeliers, this time in Munich in the run-up to the drinktec, the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry. 70 Beersommeliers from various nations were selected to attend the event and had their knowledge and skills put to the ultimate test. Stephan Hilbrandt from Germany is the new World Champion of Beersommeliers. Stephan Hilbrandt from Germany was the one who was most persuasived and best encapsulated the story of brewing culture and beer diversity and was crowned therefore to the new World Champion of Beer Sommeliers

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