About the World Cup

What is a beersommelier?

Doemens Academy is the initiator of the worldwide Beersommelier training programs. These programs are now offered in nine countries and six languages. The training includes the production process and raw material knowledge, knowledge about beer styles, the right choice of beer for food and even the health effects of moderate beer consumption. The fields of application are diverse and include for example brewers, purchaser or gastronomy experts. Many Beersommeliers offer tastings and training courses and carry out the message of beer culture and diversity into the world.

Program World Cup

Participants will be assessed and evaluated in various stages as their know-how is put to the test. In the preliminary phases, basic theories are explored and knowledge of beer styles and flavors are evaluated. In a knockout competition the best competitors present a selected beer in the semi-final phase and are expected to compete directly against their competitors. Participants who qualify themselves for the final must face a high-caliber jury. Every finalist must convince the expert jury that he or she is knowledgeable on all topics related to beer. The one who is most persuasive and best encapsulates the story of brewing culture and beer diversity wins and is crowned the new World Champion of Beer Sommeliers.

Previous world champions

2009: Karl Schiffner, Austria

2009: Stephan Hilbrandt, Germany

2011: Sebastian Priller, Germany

2013: Oliver Wesseloh, Germany

2015: Simonmattia Riva, Italy