Michael Leingartner inspires the expert jurors as well as the audience

The new Austrian national champion of Beersommeliers hails from Vienna. Michael Leingartner (34) was able to persuade the jury of experts at the third national championship of Beersommeliers with his sound knowledge, sensory skills and a highly professional beer presentation. Leingartner navigated the difficult route via the theoretical preliminaries and into the finals past all of his colleagues – including two women. 25 Austrian candidates took part in this competition, fighting fiercely for the title, on October 29th, 2016, at the Hofbräu Kaltenhausen under the guidance of Kiesbye’s BierKulturHaus.

“In the face of strong competition, I am particularly pleased with this victory,” says Leingartner, certified beer sommelier and professional beer brewer, who now sees himself as an ambassador for Austria’s beer enthusiasts. Leingartner follows in the footsteps of his predecessor, 2014 Beersommelier national champion Clemens Kainradl (39), who is this year’s runner-up.

“It was apparent from the start of the competition that this would be a high-caliber event. The 2016 championship was a complete success and it also benefitted Austrian beer culture immensely”, says jury member Ewald Pöschko, chairman of the mid-sized brewery section of the Austrian Brewers Association.