Frank Lucas of Rügen is the new German champion of Beersommeliers

The German Championship of Beersommeliers, held in early February, saw 56 beer experts from all over Germany demonstrate their sensory abilities, their comprehensive know-how in the field of beer styles and sensor technology as well as their presentation skills. The competition, organized by Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing, covered two preliminary rounds and an eventful final. Frank Lucas qualified for the finals by demonstrating excellent professional skills in the preliminary rounds, scoring at the top of the field. He then persuaded a jury of three with his overall presentation and compelling descriptions of food pairings for which the chosen beer is suitable. Christoph Puttnies placed second and Klaus Artmann took third place while a further 17 Beersommeliers claimed the remaining ranks. The new German champ, from the island of Rügen, will be representing Germany at the World Cup of Beersommeliers held in Munich this coming September. Congratulations to Frank Lucas!