The German expert has prevailed against 69 beer sommeliers from 15 countries

The 5th World Championship of Beer Sommeliers took place in Munich at September 11th. Stephan Hilbrandt from Germany prevailed against a field consisting of 69 participants from 15 countries to become the new World Champion of Beer Sommeliers. Vice Champion is Felix Schiffner from Austria and the third place was taken over by Rodrigo Sawamura. The competition, organized by Doemens Academy, took place at Messegelände München in the run-up to the year’s drinktec convention. The contenders demonstrated their vast knowledge as well as their considerable sensory skills in the earlier stages of the competition. In the semi-finals, a knockout round which featured the most persuasive competitors from the quarter finals, the remaining contenders were expected to present a beer style to a small audience. During the grand finale, each of the six finalists had to exhibit their full range of skills – including stage presence – before a high-ranking team of eight jurors in front of a live audience. They were given a beer style to work with that they had not previously prepared themselves to present.


The three best Beersommeliers oft he World: 1st place Stephan Hilbrandt (center), 2nd place Felix Schiffner (left), 3rd  place Rodrigo Sawamura (right)

Stephan Hilbrandt from Bonn persuaded the jurors and the audience with his considerable knowledge and impressive skills as well as his compelling beer presentation. He will hold the title for the next two years, during which time he will have the opportunity to spread the word about the culture of beer worldwide: “As new Beer Sommelier World Champion I will talk about the broad variety of beer, convince people and be the ambassador for beer worldwide.”