The Swiss Beersommelier champion has been crowned

One week after the German championships, the Swiss Championship of Beersommeliers was held in Zurich for the second time since 2015. A total of 33 Beersommeliers competed for the title. The winner was Patrick Thomi, assistant brewmaster at Doppelleu brew workshop of Chopfab in Winterthur. Fabian Albrecht, Martin Droeser and Kurt Althaus took the lower rankings. All four will represent their country at the Beersommelier World Championships in Munich on September 10th, 2017.

The Swiss Championship was organized by the Swiss Brewers Association in collaboration with GastroSuisse and Doemens Academy. After a theoretical examination, the candidates were expected to recogniize and correctly categorise various beer styles and beer aromas. During the finals, the remaining candidates were brought before a jury of four, including Carmen Wyss, Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl, Marcel Kreber and Roger Brügger to present a selected beer with regard to correct serving procedure, descriptive tasting, some background information specific to that beer style as well as suggesting persuasive food pairings. The presentations were all exceptional, which made the jury’s final decision quite difficult.